Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ok fine….I might have been a bit too hasty with my previous post. She handles extremely well for a big girl. She is such a smooth personality; I have to name her….Big Baby. The gear box is the smoothest thing I have ever clicked back and forth. And the brakes, I believe is a combined braking system, stops on a dime with perfect balance and stability. For an experienced rider she is a dream to handle. I’m not saying I’m a veteran yet, but I’m not green like last year either….
I’m starting to understand why that idiot who I bought it from rode the bike like he stole it….She is just made to leave anything that moves eating her dust….
I can’t believe I even considered buying a crappy Honda Hornet, with its shitty gearbox, and the stigma attached to people who ride hornets in Sri Lanka…with all due respect; we all know Hornets are ridden by stupid-idiot-show-offy squids in SL…(pretty Hypocritical for someone who had considered buying a Hornet a few days before buying Big Baby, I know).
I’m glad I didn’t get the Hornet….Big Baby is the most disciplined and controlled explosion of speed I have yet experienced in my life….and she listens like no other to what you want to do, and she is already there, as soon as you think you want to be there…..
It rained like a mofo the day I brought her home…I got caught to the rain just before the Mabola SL Navy petrol shed on the Colombo/Negombo road….Waited there for the rain to subside and refueled her…Was really worried the whole day about this first ride, since it was fairly long and she being a new motorcycle to me….But everything just fit, and worked so smooth. No conversion training was needed. The whole experience sublime, even the rain!

Love at first sight….nothing can beat that…..await further adventures of Big Baby, Me and Juje (I think I mentioned her as well,  in an earlier post ;) )…

Here's Big Baby, at home in all her glory....


  1. lets take her out this weekend...i will take the granny....:)

    1. For sure! but who you calling granny??!! the Volty goes like a rocket as well once its nicely warmed up :p
      Hope this stupid rain goes away and stops killing people... :(

    2. Hey chef-archi, you seem to be a regular visitor to this blog. Is Spectre a buddy of yours in real life? Just curious.
      Hey Spectre Is this s 400cc bike? So what kind of trouble is there to register one like this at the RMV?
      I see 4 exhaust pipes coming out of the engine. Must be quite powerful. How much does she do per liter?