Monday, June 23, 2014

The 25 hour Day….

It has been a busy couple of weeks… Several birthdays (including mine!), The World Cup, an episode of food poisoning, overseas clients coming in to visit at work to mention a few. Let me tell you that this blog isn't the only thing that was ignored.

Big baby actually had cob webs all over her! On top of that the Volty needed a few adjustments after I got new tires for it week before last. Even after the second adjustments it’s still making noise, mainly the chain (properly lubed). Either it wasn't tightened enough the second time or some deeper problem …. Whatever it is the performance of the Volty has taken a hit. 'The Mechanic' is busy these days since he’s rebuilding a 400cc Honda from the ground up.

Rode Big Baby to Negombo for the first time two weeks ago, but didn’t take the scenic canal road (written about in my earlier post) but the airport road instead. They are still resurfacing it so it is a bit annoying to ride on. Also way more traffic than canal road. But Big Baby was a dream to ride as always. And got there 15 minutes earlier than when I did the same route on the Volty. But the riding position is a bit uncomfortable on Big Baby compared to the Volty, especially for long rides, but not much to complain about other than a few cramped biceps, which you can live with.

But back to the reasons why I haven’t been on the blog in a few weeks. There hasn't been enough time in the day; to cook for and feed two dogs, wash and iron office clothes, feed ourselves, get in a few episodes of whatever we are watching these days. There is help from all around to do all those things, but I’m so tired and feel like I haven’t rested in a month.

Of course there was enough time in between for some levity, as can be witnessed below….

My friend posted a picture of his son on FB..
                                                     Soon my son, soon!
My post followed...
                                                Soon my puppy, soon!

(For anyone in Canberra they are selling that Kawasaki Z750!)

But of course these are all excuses, and just having turned 30 it sounds more ridiculous…. I’m actually loving it being 30 years old. At 30 you aren't old enough to actually feel old, but not young and broke like in your the 20’s. You have a bit of money to have fun, and you are mature enough not to do stupid things but young enough to do them once in a while. It’s awesome!
I can’t Imagine though what it must be like for my friend who has another kid other than the one on the Kawasaki, and he’s only like 26 year old or something! He is a flying instructor though, so I guess he has that! Hehehe…

Well that should be enough for now…. Maybe I should make this a photo blog! XD

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  1. Happy belated birthday Spectre.
    Hey I thought you sold the Volty. That 's why you said new add'ition to the stable', huh!