Wednesday, June 4, 2014


She is way braver than He was at Her age…She is my little Chandiya. He makes friends easily still at one and a half years; She’s suspicious and barks at strangers already at three and three quarter months. She is very loyal, and very protective of the pack. She likes to boss Him around. Good luck Kuku Boy, She’s already got you wrapped around her little paw (a state most of us men in the world can relate to).
She loves her Ammi a lot, but cannot understand why Ammi goes away every night only to return the next evening. Taththi also goes to work, and she thinks every morning he will never come back and is leaving her forever.
She plays the truant with her ol’ Pops and Mamma who look after Her while Taththi works. Messing up the garden, spilling water all over her self and rolling around in the dirt till she looks like a hairy warthog.
But She loves to cuddle, He never did. He used to wait till I called him to me for some scratching under the chin or belly. He feared his Taththi’s wrath. But She needs a lot of cuddling time, and She loves being held, lifted, and all sorts of other cute things throughout which she stays nice and mellow…without getting too excited and ruining the experience for both parties….. I think this is why everyone likes being around Her …
Poor Kukku Boy used to be a ball of energy which annoyed everyone in 3 seconds…Now that He’s older and more mature and disciplined people find his company more pleasant. But He still gets a bit wild/stressed and excited, especially when Chandi Girl is around.
I wanted to get Her used to my motorcycles, to test her courage. First time a few barks, a couple of annoyed whines….Next time a bit of reserved ignoring and distance….Third time I brought Her on it, and started the engine later… She didn’t bat an eyelid.

She loves her Taththi very much….and She is Taththi’s precious little Angel…

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