Wednesday, July 9, 2014


He literally wanted to kill Me and Big Baby…..

Took the Monday off to finally transfer Big Baby to my name, and rode the Volty throughout the day to do the transfer at the DMT, to get the third party insurance and finally had to get the emission test done. Took Big Baby out and decided to keep things on the safe side and ride at a decent and safe speed in order to avoid unfortunate eventualities.

But fate is a bitch….I had literally transferred big baby to my name a couple of hours ago….It was a hot day and I needed something to drink, so got a few bottles of soft drinks form the food city near Amba Gaha junction. After a couple of sips in the FC parking area I got back on Big Baby and was waiting to put her on to the road towards the junction. Spotted a gap between a truck and a three-wheeler and decided to slot in. Little did I know that the three-wheeler was being driven by a Motherless-Fuck…

Angry that his Assholeness was cutoff, he decided to whack the side of my leg with his little piece of shit-box, which fortunately didn't make me lose my balance while we both were taking the bend… I asked him ‘pissu dha?’…. and then took off over taking the truck in front….. Approaching a slight bend in the road ahead I decided t keep to my earlier resolution to make this ride as safe as possible and slow down again…. Stupid resolution….

That waste of space that was driving that shit-box three-wheeler pulls up on my left and turns full on into me…..knocking Big Baby down and throwing me off her and on to the road chest first….

My world turned upside down and inside out….I recover and start running after the bastard, only one shoe on and limping…didn't think he’d stop but he did….reached him and snapped a picture of his license plate while him and his inbred progeny blabbered bullshit into the air…. He was drunk too…

I could have had him sent to jail……..

I could have ruined his life……

I could have made it so he would have regretted that day for the rest of his shitty fucking life……

I didn't….

The officer in charge at the police station reamed him for 10 minutes.....the only satisfaction I took from the whole ordeal...

This is the last I will think of him….

But I can’t get the image of Big Baby crumbling into pieces in front of my eyes as the ground falls away from underneath me….

“The Mechanic” got her started at least yesterday….and she still sounds the same, through bent forks, ripped headlight and holder…. dented and scratched tank….Her Soul is still there….I rode her and she still responds the way she used to…. But everything is misaligned, cracked, scraped….The perfection that she was will never be again I fear.....

I’m praying for a miracle……..

Picture of the Asshole of the Century (flip this jealous fool the bird if you see him)....... as requested by Jack Point ....


  1. Shit Happens.....don't worry..we will bring her to life soon again....chin up son...

    1. Pow Big Baby....she didn't do nothing to nobody.....all she did wrong was look pretty.

  2. You could eaily have been kille dor maimed.

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    2. True my friend, true... I thank my lucky stars for the scrapes and not anything more serious. Also wearing protective clothing is important (it helped), no matter how hot the day is. If I had my elbow, knee and shin guards on I would have avoided getting scratches as well....

  3. Put the three weelers pic as well.

  4. Dude. Shit happens. I'm glad that you didn't break your neck. Anyway you aren't the only one. I've had my share of encounters with such assholes.

    Anyway, I like your writing style.

  5. This is just a cultural thing now. Today i've heard one of our mess assistant geting killed due to a RTA whilst riding a your so called big baby and frnakly for me big babies also a nuisance like 3wds.